¨Maybe you become a little better if you just let yourself be what you are¨
-Ingmar Bergman, ¨Persona¨

The Non-Persona collection presents the variety of characters inhabiting the h0man consciousness. The intention is to restore the archetype in the individual, to remove the false mask and to show the true self. The word persona originates from Latin and denotes the theatrical mask used by actors. In analytical psychology it names the notion of one’s ideal aspect as presented to the outside world. The persona is a functional complex that occurs for adaptation or personal convenience. It is that what we are actually not. The collection evades this mask of collective psyche, seeking to achieve a deeper self-knowledge. The Autumn/Winter Non-Persona collection reflects timelessness by using a raw palette. Wool, cashmere and cotton are the basics of the presentation. The contrasts between the fabrics and at the same time the harmony between them outline the idea. The handmade elements in the garments and accessories give the collection an uniqueness corresponding to the identity of each one of us.