| LINE |

¨This line is a part of very large circle¨
-Yoko Ono

  The line as a circumrotation, the line as infinity, as a constant. It is a direction, well-traveled or unknown. It can be either indicative or static, but it certainly exists. It is part of a large circle that remains dependent on time.

  ¨Line¨ tries to bring people back to simplicity, seeks a connection to the subconscious. An idea poses a question and looks for the answer, the only solution to the problem. Curiosity drives us into a labyrinth where the thread leads to conclusion, awakening, change.

  The collection uses natural fabrics and hand-crafted textures.

  The main goal is to focus on the conscious personal process, a kind of urge to self-control.

  Creating a collection based on minimal waste by using rectilinear pieces of fabric or incorporating leftovers into the design is one of those small solutions that increase human consciousness and its attempt to achieve a symbiosis with nature.